Spiritual organisation prays for peace, urges FG to fix Calabar/Uyo highway

Spiritual organisation prays for peace, urges FG to fix Calabar/Uyo highway

Members of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star in Cross River State have held their annual unity and peace feast in Odukpani, LGA where they prayed against continual communal clashes in parts of the state.

Three months ago, research was conducted by a Non-Governmental Organisation, Partners for Peace in the Niger Delta, with the result that out of the 18 LGAs in the state, 16 had one deadly communal clash or another.

They urged the people of the state to join them in prayers for continual good leadership in the state as a way of bolstering peace and unity among them.

In his homily at the event, Patriarch Christ Shepherd Ogar Osim said the organisation leads the vanguard for and encourages all and sundry to persist in peace.

He said with the celebration of the annual peace and unity feast, the perennial communal clash between Itu people and borderline communities in Odukpani as well as other hotspots has already been resolved spiritually.

The faithful used the opportunity to call on the federal government to remember to fix the Calabar-Uyo and the Calabar-Ikom federal highway, saying the two roads have become completely impassable, causing incessant deaths, breakdown of vehicles, loss of man hours and economic losses.

The vicar charged the teeming faithful never to relent in prayers for the goodness of the state, adding that Cross River is the most blessed state.

He predicted that the peace feast would bring about greater progress and higher appointments for the people of the state.

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