‘Seyi Tinubu Is Intelligent Enough To Stay Clear Of Cabinet Meetings’

President-elect, Bola Tinubu's Son Linked To $10.8 Million London Mansion Fraud

The All Nigerian Youth Support Group (ANYSG) has said Seyi Tinubu, the son of President Bola Tinubu, is not a meddlesome interloper and should be accorded respect for supporting his father.

Vox9ja reports that the youth group made the assertion while reacting to Tinubu’s order banning Seyi and other unauthorised aides from attending the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting.

In a statement on Saturday, the President of the group, Ismail Tanko, said Seyi invested in the success of his father’s campaign and has been making positive efforts to support the administration.

The youth leader said the president’s son being seen around the FEC meeting does not mean he is regular at the meeting, insisting he is intelligent enough to stay clear of the cabinet meetings.

Tanko said: “It has to be noted that Seyi was a valuable asset during the campaigns as he tirelessly harnessed the youth vote for his father. It is as a result of Seyi’s relentless agitation for the appointment of young persons that we have so many young persons holding significant posts in this administration.

“It would not be wrong to say that Seyi did more to ensure the President’s victory. Seyi is, therefore, more invested in the success of his father’s administration.

“Seyi has never addressed nor told anybody that he is a member of the Executive Council of the Federal Republic nor holding any position in Government but has been playing the role in helping his father succeed.

“Let me tell Nigerians that Seyi is not a meddlesome interloper. He will never be because he is intelligent enough to stay clear of the cabinet meetings. He may have come around the villa to chip in a message and never took any prominent seat but sat back. President Tinubu is his father and, most importantly, should not be castigated or humiliated.

“The President did not in any way say that Seyi was seated but said he saw him at the back. He did not say Seyi in any way contributed to the proceedings of the FEC meeting and couldn’t have done that either. We know those spreading false rumours against the young man. We know they are not comfortable with Seyi seeing around his family. Tell me why they want him out. They want to create the impression that he is interfering. But he is not. Nobody can tell us that he is influencing his father. This is not fair on the young man.”

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