Rivers State Youths Demand Commissioner Of Police’s Redeployment

Rivers State Youths Demand Commissioner Of Police's Redeployment

A coalition of youth organizations in Rivers State has urged the Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, to promptly reassign Commissioner of Police, Nwonyi Polycarp Emeka.

This request stems from allegations of the commissioner’s involvement in the crisis that unfolded in the state the previous Monday.

The call follows reports that certain police officers threatened and fired shots at Governor Siminalaye Fubara when he visited the state House of Assembly chambers, which had been set ablaze on Sunday night, to assess the extent of the damage.

“We condemn the unprofessional actions of the police who aided some members of the Rivers State House of Assembly to sit outside the Chambers despite the security situation and the direct attack on the Executive Governor of Rivers State.

“Sir Siminalayi Fubara was teargassed and shot at with water canons by the police led by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Operations. For reference purposes, the commissioner of police in Rivers State should ask and learn from the actions of his predecessor, especially Mr Joseph Mbu and see whether all his negative acts against Rivers people were commensurate to what he got from the same Nyesom Wike, his then paymaster, who used and dumped him.

“We wish to remind him that because of the actions of Joseph Mbu against Rivers State, Rivers people today see him as an enemy and wish never to meet such an unprofessional police officer again.

“The Inspector General of Police should, without further delay, redeploy the Commissioner of Police and the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Operations, for their direct attack on the office of the governor of Rivers State”.

At a press conference jointly organized by Comrade Solomon Lenu, convener of Ogoni Development Drive, ODD, Somina Wokoma, Convener, Ijaw Wari Worldwide and others under the aegis of Rivers Liberation Coalition condemned the action of the Speaker of the Assembly, Rt. Hon Martin’s Amaewhule.

“We condemn entirely the actions of the suspended members of the Rivers State House of Assembly led by the former Speaker, Hon Martins Amaewhule, who allowed themselves to be used to course crisis in Rivers State.

“It is disheartening to note that despite the known fact that the Assembly Chambers was set ablaze on Sunday night and without probing into what led to the burning of the Assembly Chambers and other security measures to stop such act and seek for an alternative place to sit from the state government before possible repair of the Chambers. Instead, they were aided by the police to sit outside the Chambers in their resolve to serve the Executive Governor of Rivers State with an impeachment notice. What a legislative rascality”.

They called upon Governor Fubara to assert his authority and effectively wield the powers bestowed upon him by the people of Rivers State, exercising them as the Executive Governor without hesitation.

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The coalition also insists that unless the Rivers State Government offers an alternative seating arrangement for the members of the Rivers State House, given the Chamber’s destruction, “we will oppose any endeavour by any group to convene under the banner of the Rivers State House of Assembly.”

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