Linking Ombugadu to outlawed Ombatse unjust, baseless – Mada youths knock Gov Sule

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Mada Youths in Nasarawa State have dismissed the purported association between David Ombugadu and the outlawed Ombatse group as baseless and politically-motivated.

A statement issued in Lafia, by Comrade Musa Aruwa, leader of the Concerned Mada Youths, stated that the unfounded allegations have dangerous implications and potential to incite ethnic tensions, saying that linking Ombugadu with the Ombatse group is not only unjust but could further destabilize an already fragile security situation in the country.

Aruwa stated that Governor Sule’s supporters have resorted to cheap propaganda just to cause ethnic tension in the state as all other means tried in the past did not have effect on the people’s resolve and love for Ombugadu.

“After exhausting all their poisonous darts at Ombugadu with no any visible impact, Governor A A Sule‘s handlers have now resorted to regurgitating an event that took place 10 years ago in order to inflame passions and cause ethnic tension in Nasarawa State – all in futile attempts to hold unto power after the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal sacked A A Sule from office.

“Even though Governor Sule has appealed the verdict of the Tribunal at the Appeal Court, in a shocking turn of events, his handlers have engaged the overdrive gear by launching a smear campaign against Ombugadu linking him with the Ombatse group.

“The accusations were not only unfounded but also extremely dangerous, as such claims have the potential to stoke ethnic tensions and incite violence in a country already grappling with insecurity,” Aruwa said.

The Mada Youth leader further pointed out that the victory of Ombugadu in the elections was a result of unified support from all ethnic groups in Nasarawa, saying that the collective effort of diverse tribes resulted in his success. He urged for a fair and just political landscape free from groundless accusations.

Aruwa criticized APC’s attempt to use historical events from 10 years ago to try and tarnish Ombugadu’s image, stating that such efforts are a desperate strategy to gain political advantage. He also warned against the dangerous repercussions of playing with ethnic sentiments in politics.

“All their efforts to cast aspersions against his person have failed, so they have now resorted into throwing the poisonous darts, not minding the security implication of their actions.

“We know that the motives behind linking Ombudagu with the Ombatse group is a desperate attempt to gain political advantage and undermine the democratic process by sowing the seeds of mistrust in the minds of the peace-loving people of the State.”

“It is evident that this is an unjust smear campaign that had no basis in reality. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining the integrity of the political process and the dangers of playing with ethnicity in politics,” added.

Aruwa urged the ruling party in the state to adhere to democratic principles, condemning smear campaigns and calling for a focus on progress and unity for the betterment of Nasarawa State.

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