Lawmakers Celebrate Obasa At 51, Call Him An Asset To Lagos

Lawmakers Celebrate Obasa At 51, Call Him An Asset To Lagos

Members of the Lagos State House of Assembly took a moment on Thursday to express their admiration for Speaker Mudashiru Obasa and his substantial role in the development and progress of Lagos State.

The lawmakers hailed Dr. Obasa, who is set to turn 51 on Saturday, for leaving an indelible mark on Lagos’s history and Nigeria’s legislative landscape.

Each legislator, who took the floor during a plenary session led by Deputy Speaker Hon. Mojisola Lasbat Meranda, lauded Obasa’s accomplishments and effective leadership of the Assembly.

Majority Leader of the House, Hon. Noheem Adam, announced the Speaker’s upcoming birthday and highlighted the significant progress that Lagos State has achieved since Dr. Obasa first assumed the role of Speaker during the eighth Assembly.

Adam pointed to Obasa’s notable contributions, including his role in establishing the Neighbourhood Safety Corps, a state security organization whose bill he sponsored.

Additionally, he mentioned the Cancer Institute Law, the legislation promoting the use of the Yoruba language, and the Anti-kidnapping law of Lagos state, all of which he attributed to the Speaker’s dedication to the welfare of Lagos.

Deputy Majority Leader of the House, Adedamola Richard Kasunmu, emphasized the Speaker’s crucial role in the ongoing advancement of Lagos, asserting that Obasa’s significance is immeasurable.

His colleague, Hon. Nureni Akinsanya, described the Speaker as a “remarkable individual.”

“On behalf of my leaders and the people of Mushin Constituency 1, I hereby congratulate him. He is the longest-serving Speaker with this third term in office. We will continue to support him to lead us.”

Hon. Femi Saheed praised Obasa’s unwavering commitment and pointed out that his diligence has earned him respect from colleagues across the country.

“He is a good teacher, and through him, we have learnt a lot in relation to lawmaking. We can further make him proud when we continue to follow his footsteps,” he said.

Calling Obasa a courageous leader, Hon. Abdulkareem Jubreel, who said he had known the Speaker since 1998, added that the third citizen of Lagos always stands by his promises.

“If the Speaker stands with anyone or a cause that can favour the masses, he does not look back,” he said.

Hon. Steve Ogundipe, who had previously worked alongside the Speaker before entering the House as a legislator, characterized Obasa as a leader who consistently strives to uplift and empower individuals.

Reflecting on the discussion, lawmaker Oladele Ajayi shared how residents of Agege expressed their unwavering support for the Speaker, vowing to back him for political office as often as he decides to run.

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Deputy Speaker Meranda concluded the session by congratulating Speaker Obasa and offering a prayer for his continued wise leadership of the Assembly.

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