Kaduna State Pension Bureau Publishes Beneficiary List And Launches Verification Process

Kaduna State Pension Bureau Publishes Beneficiary List And Launches Verification Process

The Kaduna State Pension Bureau has officially released a comprehensive list comprising 1,051 beneficiaries who are eligible for both the defined benefits scheme and the contributory pension scheme.

Within this list, 873 individuals have been identified as beneficiaries eligible to receive payments for gratuity and death benefits as part of the defined benefits scheme. This inclusive list encompasses retirees from local governments, state government retirees, and the families of deceased pensioners.

It is noteworthy that Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State has approved the disbursement of 3.1 billion naira to the state pension bureau for the settlement of outstanding pension and gratuity payments.

The pension bureau has initiated the verification and payment process for gratuity and death benefits to these beneficiaries, as confirmed by Prof. Salamatu Isah, the Executive Secretary.

Prof. Isah sought to alleviate any concerns among the beneficiaries, assuring them that every eligible individual would be included during the verification process. She emphasized that the payment process adheres to a “first in, first served” principle.

Additionally, she clarified that any delays in locating names on the verification list should not be interpreted as missing files.

Addressing a press conference on Thursday, the Executive Secretary also disclosed that the verification payment team from the bureau would move to the three senatorial zones of the state as part of the processes of final payment of benefits to the beneficiaries.

She said, “In the last two weeks, we all heard the State governor, Uba Sani, allocating N3.1 billion to the State Pension Bureau for payment of gratuity and death benefits for pensioners and the families of the deceased in the State.

“And out of that amount, N2.6 billion is allocated to payment of retirees in the old scheme, while N100 million is allocated to retirees in the ministries.

“So for this list, we are coming out with the list of 1051 people for both retirees and death cases. For example,

“The total number of local government retirees we are going to pay is 542 beneficiaries, while in the State old scheme, we are paying a total of 231 beneficiaries. So, that gives a total of 773 beneficiaries.

“For the new scheme, which we allocated N500 million, we are paying 178 beneficiaries. You will realise that the N500 million will not be as much as we have in the old scheme of N2.6 billion. So this is what we have. The list has already been circulated.”

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