Kaduna Electric dismisses 39 staff

Kaduna Electric dismisses 39 staff

The management of Kaduna Electric has fired 39 employees from the company due to various offenses that violated the company’s employee policy.

A statement issued by the company’s Head of Corporate Communication, Abdulazeez Abdullahi, stated that the offenses included misappropriation of company funds, fraudulent practices, unauthorized access, and abscondment.

According to the statement, “These offenses were in violation of the recently endorsed revised employee conditions of service, which was supported by the national leadership of the two in-house labor unions and the management led by the Managing Director/CEO, Yusuf Usman Yahaya.”

The statement further explained that the actions of the dismissed staff had adverse effects on the company’s financial well-being and needed to be addressed.

The statement also advised customers to refrain from engaging in any business transactions with fraudulent individuals who aim to shortchange the company, as this can impede its ability to meet its obligations to the electricity market.

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