Israel Gives Condition For Ceasefire, Deaths Hit 11,000

Hamas Not IDF Responsible For Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital Blast - Says Israel PM, Netanyahu

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, on Sunday, gave a condition for a ceasefire.

Netanyahu during a visit to the Ramon Air Force base in southern Israel, said Israel won’t agree to any ceasefire activity in the Gaza war without the return of the hostages.

He explained that he was delivering this message both to the country’s allies and enemies.

Jerusalem Post quoted Netanyahu saying, “I also want you to know that there is one thing that we will not do – there will be no ceasefire without the return of the captives.

“The very idea of doing that has to be removed from the conversation.

“We (are saying) this to both our enemies and our friends. We will continue (the battle) until we have defeated them (our enemy). We have no alternative. I think today everyone understands that.”

Meanwhile, the health ministry in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip revealed that at least 9,770 people had been killed in the Palestinian territory since the war with Israel erupted last month.

The ministry said at least 4,800 children were among those killed since Israel began striking the Gaza Strip in retaliation to the October 7 attacks carried out by Hamas militants in southern Israel, which Israeli officials said killed over 1,400, most of them civilians.

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The latest information brings the death toll on both sides to 11,187.

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