Imo residents urged to use phones to record, share rigging attempt during Saturday’s election

Imo residents urged to use phones to record, share rigging attempt during Saturday's election

Ahead of Saturday’s governorship election, residents of Imo State have been advised on measures to prevent rigging in their polling stations.

A coalition of Imo indigenes in the diaspora urged residents of the state to use their phones to collect evidence of any attempt to rig the election after casting their votes.

Chief Michael Okoroeze, leader of the coalition, urged residents to storm the streets and protest over any attempt to rig Saturday’s election across Imo State.

In a statement he signed, Okoroeze urged electorates to use Saturday’s election to correct some of the evils witnessed in the state over the years.

He said, “Vote, and after you vote, use your phone to collect evidence and share it. If anyone tries to rig the election by tampering with the ballot boxes, come out into the streets of Imo State and protest and march to demand that your votes be counted properly.

“If the Nigerian court system tries to interfere, you must protest to let them know that they should stay out of the election process.

“Protect your vote, Imo Indigenes will exercise their right to vote for their choice of candidate, and the Supreme Court of Nigeria should respect themselves and honor these rights.”

Okoroeze also advised state residents on the need to file out and perform their civic duties on Saturday.

He said residents should vote to end extrajudicial executions, “vote for arrests of innocent citizens to cease, vote for rapes to stop in Igbo land because this is an atrocity, vote for harassments at illegal checkpoints and roadblocks to stop, vote for bribery and corruption to cease. We must not hesitate to remind you of some of the atrocities that have been taking place in our state.”

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