House Of Reps Imposes Limit On Lawmakers’ Membership In Standing Committees

House Of Reps Imposes Limit On Lawmakers' Membership In Standing Committees

The House of Representatives has instituted a significant change in its rules by imposing restrictions on the number of Standing Committees each member could belong to.

Under these new regulations, lawmakers are now limited to a maximum membership of 12 Standing Committees. Additionally, a minimum requirement has been set for each Committee, with a minimum of 20 members necessary for its formation.

This change resulted from careful consideration and the subsequent adoption of a report presented by the Ad-hoc Committee on the Review of Standing Orders during a plenary session held on Tuesday.

Furthermore, the House approved another key recommendation from the report. It dictates that Committee chairpersons are now allowed to add new members to their Committees by obtaining explicit authorization from the Speaker.

This directive is intended to streamline the composition of Committees and ensure that all additions are in alignment with the Speaker’s directives.

The House also embraced several other noteworthy amendments, enhancing its operational procedures. These include provisions for emergency sittings, an increase in the number of matters of urgent public importance to be discussed during plenary from a minimum of two to three, and the formal recognition of parliamentary friendship groups.

Chairing the Ad-hoc Committee that proposed these changes, Hon. Igariwey Enwo emphasized that the primary purpose of these amendments is to provide a framework that will guide the 10th House of Representatives throughout its term, thereby optimizing its structure and duration.

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These new regulations are poised to shape the future functioning of the House, promoting a more streamlined and efficient legislative process.

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