Hisbah dismisses officer for sabotaging campaign against immorality

Hisbah dismisses officer for sabotaging campaign against immorality

The Kano State Shariah Police, popularly known as Hisbah Board, has dismissed an officer for compromising and sabotaging the campaign against immorality and social vices in the state.

Similarly, five other officers are under investigation over the alleged offence.

The Commander General of Hisbah, Sheikh Aminu Daurawa, who disclosed this while speaking with newsmen, said some operatives of the agency are conniving with bad elements to perpetrate unholy acts in the state.

Daurawa said upon assumption of office, he moved to rid Hisbah of bad eggs.

According to him, “We have dismissed a Deputy Superintendent of Hisbah, DSH, and declared him wanted. Wherever he is found he should be arrested. He connived with the hotel operators so that their hotels will not be raided by Hisbah in the course of it operations. So when we carried out the raid operation, the hoteliers where such atrocities were carried out became jittery that Hisbah has changed.

” They pay him money not to carry out operations on their hotels. There was one among the hotel operators who asked us what do we want them to do for us to support us. And we told him the government saddled us with the responsibility and so it is responsible for our operations. So he was asking that why will he give Hisbah money and they suddenly turn their back on him and carry out raid operation on his hotel?

“We have five other officers also under investigation.

“We don’t just carry out raids, but we ensure people of the community file their complaints signed by at least five persons. We also carry out surveillance by sending officers to carry out surveillance to ascertain the truth of the information available, then we notify the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, of the area to get a backing and liaise with the court,” Daurawa stated.

In the same vein, the Board has debunked an allegation by a facebook user that Hisbah operatives cut the hair of a non-indigene with bottle after it raided a brothel in the state.

Daurawa described the allegation as the handiwork of mischief makers, saying the Hisbah has now traced and identified the person that posted the said video. He added that the Board would invite the individual to prove the allegation.

“The video is a total lie. No such incident happened. We try to follow due process in carrying out our operations.

“Our personnel never cut the hair of any non-indigene lady, let alone use bottle to do so. It is a lie and we have identified the person that shared the video and will invite him to prove to us. If he fail to prove to us, we will take action against him,” Daurawa said.

The Commander General admitted some mistakes by the Hisbah personnel during operations. However, he said the Board is making moves to correct those mistakes.

The board had recently launched operations against social vices, tagged ‘Operation Kau da Badala’, which literally means operation against immorality, in the state.

In the course of the operation, the Islamic Shari’a Police had raided some hotels, brothels and off campus residences, arresting several persons in the process.

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