Group Cautions NLC Against Developing Ties With Labour Party

Group Cautions NLC Against Developing Ties With Labour Party

The APC Support Groups have cautioned the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) leadership against using its membership for partisan political connections and personal gain.

The Director-General, Kailani Muhammed, issued this caution during a press conference in Abuja on Saturday.

Muhammed recounted that on November 8, the NLC initiated a protest that blocked access to the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja, and the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos, despite appeals to the NLC to postpone the industrial action.

He noted that the protest disrupted both human and traffic movements, causing a halt in airport activities for several hours.

“We advise the NLC leadership to refrain from using its membership for personal gains. It is not sound logic to antagonize the Federal Government simply because its candidate lost in the presidential election.

“The NLC’s association with Peter Obi, the LP Presidential candidate, both before and after the February Presidential election, and its alignment as a partisan political affiliate of the LP, is undeniable,” stated the group’s Director-General.

While acknowledging the right to engage in partisan politics under the guise of a labour union, Muhammed criticized the transfer of the alleged failure’s repercussions to the elected President of the Federal Republic, characterizing it as unacceptable and warranting condemnation.

“Nigerians are already feeling the impacts of the fuel subsidy removal in various ways. The NLC should not exacerbate the situation,” he emphasized.

Muhammed proposed that the best way to address the alleged attack on Joe Ajeoro, the NLC president, is through exhaustive engagement in a round table for an amicable solution rather than escalating tensions.

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“This will ensure unity and development, with justice and fair play prevailing. The Confederation of APC Support Groups and other well-meaning Nigerians will stand up to defend against any unfounded allegations against the APC-led Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s government, both now and in the future. This is a safeguard to ensure that democracy thrives in Nigeria,” he concluded.

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