BREAKING NEWS: Umahi Entangled in FERMA Board Unlawful Privilege Demand, Tinubu Petitioned

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FCT, Abuja – The Citizens Awareness Against Corruption and Social Vices Initiative (CAACASVI), a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) focused on combating corruption, has submitted a petition to President Bola Tinubu concerning the actions of the Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) board.

The petition, disclosed to the media in Abuja on Thursday, February 8, alleges that FERMA board members are improperly meddling in the agency’s operations and granting themselves unwarranted privileges.

The minister of works, Dave Umahi, has been fingered in the whole controversy. Photo Credit: Bola Ahmed Tinubu
Source: Facebook

The Executive Director of CAACASVI, Mr. Olumuyiwa Onlede, highlighted concerns regarding irregularities within the agency.

He noted that the FERMA governing board, influenced by Minister of Works Dave Umahi, overstepped their bounds by requesting amenities, such as office space and staff, beyond their prescribed duties.

He said:

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“The President should call the minister to order and direct him to disband every committee set up for the purpose of looking into the demands of the board members as regards to office accommodation.

“That the President directs the Minister of Works, who is the supervising minister of FERMA, to order board members to desist from any act that suggests interference in the day-to-day running of FERMA.”

Onlede emphasised that the FERMA Act, a legal document, clearly outlines the agency’s functions and the roles of management staff appointed by the president.

He underscored the disapproval of civil societies and the Nigerian public towards these actions, deviating from the board’s intended responsibilities.


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