Tapswap, the popular play-to-earn cryptocurrency project hosted on Telegram has announced plans to reward players with three million TapSwap shares and a $600 Binance voucher.

Tapswap is a fast-growing project in the decentralised finance sector that is also based on Telegram. On its official X handle, Tapswap disclosed that it is a Solana-based crypto exchange with low fees, high throughput, and exciting features like staking and margin trading.

TapSwap allows users to mine Tap tokens by interacting with the TapSwap Telegram bot. Unlike traditional crypto mining, which requires expensive hardware and technical expertise, TapSwap simplifies the process.

TapSwap App is a user-friendly platform designed to facilitate cryptocurrency trading for both beginners and experienced traders. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, TapSwap aims to simplify the process of exchanging digital.

How to withdraw money from TapSwap?

  1. Log into your account online.
  2. Tap on the menu icon, “Funding > Bank Deposits & Withdrawals”, select the “Withdraw” option and locate the wire instructions.
  3. Select your bank account (This should already have been added using the “Add new withdrawal account” function).
How to make money on tapswap?
How it works
  1. Tap-to-Earn: Users mine coins by tapping the corresponding icon in the centre of the screen of the Telegram Tapswap bot.
  2. Leagues: Participants can climb the ranks, earning more coins and outperforming others in leagues.
  3. Boosters: Boosters can be unlocked and tasks completed to maximize coin earnings.
Which day will Tapswap launch?
Mark Your Calendars: $TAPS Launch Date! We’re thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Tapswap Coin launch on July 1, 2024! Millions of users are eagerly tapping their phones to accumulate $TAPS tokens. Join the Frenzy on Tapswap Telegram Bot!
How to play tapswap?
How to Play the Telegram-Based Crypto-Mining Game. Ensure you have the Telegram messaging app installed on your phone. Click on the provided link to join the TapSwap Telegram bot and start earning tokens. Once you join, you can begin tapping your screen to earn tokens.
How to connect tapswap to phantom wallet?
Steps to Connect Your Phantom Wallet to Tapswap Bot
  1. Open Tapswap Bot: Launch the Tapswap bot on your Telegram app. …
  2. Start the Mission: Tap on “Start mission” and then select the “Go” option next to the Solana wallet.
  3. Connect to Phantom Wallet: …
  4. Sign the Message: …
  5. Verify the Connection:
How to start mining TapSwap?
How to Mine TapSwap Coins?
  1. Open the TapSwap Telegram bot: Start by opening the TapSwap bot on Telegram. …
  2. Engage in tap-to-earn: Tap the icon in the center of the screen to mine coins. …
  3. Climb the ranks: Earn more coins by outperforming other users on the app.


How to mine tapswap on Telegram?
To start earning tokens, you have to join the TapSwap Telegram bot by clicking on the link. As soon as you join, you can begin tapping your screen to earn tokens. Each tap adds to your token balance. You can earn up to 500 tokens per session before you need to take a break.
           How to get tapswap link?
To start earning tokens, you need to join the Tapswap Telegram bot. Click the link below to join and follow the on-screen instructions: Tapswap Telegram Bot: https://t.me/tapswap_mirror_2_bot?start=r_369699268. Blum Telegram Bot (similar): https://t.me/BlumCryptoBot/app?startapp=ref_GVDXxbqiOx.
Which wallet is best for tapswap?
*Send to a Safe Wallet*: Once you have $TAP tokens, send them to a trusted Solana wallet like Phantom or Solflare.
What is the value of tapswap?
Current Price of Tapswap Coin in Naira
As of the latest data, the price of Tapswap coin (TAP) in Naira is approximately NGN 1.51 per TAP.

Tapswap made the announcement via a tweet stressing that the special mission would be time sensitive urging its millions of players to stay tuned and not miss out. 

Dear TapSwappers, 

Next week, we are launching a special mission with the biggest reward ever: 3 million Shares and the possibility to get a $600 Binance voucher! This mission will be time-limited, so stay tuned and don’t miss out.” Tapswap tweeted. 

The announcement from the Tapswap team emphasizes two crucial aspects: a substantial reward and a limited timeframe. 

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